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Sidewinder Soda Craft Soda Root Beer Cream Soda
Arizona Craft Soda Root Beer Cream Soda


We’re proud to use only the finest ingredients in our hand-crafted Sodas.  Always caffeine-free, always delicious!

Sassafras Craft Soda Cream Soda Root Beer
Vanilla Craft Soda Cream Soda Root Beer
Sugars Craft Soda Cream Soda Root Beer



Believe it or not, Sidewinder Soda was actually born at Bone Haus Brewing, a craft beer brewery in the town of Fountain Hills, Arizona. First opened in 2018, Bone Haus Brewing set out to create unique new brews for Arizona along with an unparalleled in-person taproom experience surrounded by myths, legends and lore of the Old West.

To make the brewery taproom more family-friendly, the brewers at Bone Haus also created delicious sodas that were served on tap right at the bar. And they've become so popular that now you can get them in 16oz cans right here online, shipped anywhere in the United States!

Of course, you're always encouraged to stop by Bone Haus Brewing and have an ice cold Sidewinder Soda right where it all started ... we hope to see you there!

Sidewinder Soda/Bone Haus Brewing

14825 E Shea Blvd, #101

Fountain Hills, AZ 85268

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